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Bred from Jamaican haze with other purple variants, this strain is one of the most popular sativa dominant hybrids in the purple tree. Preferred to be grown in an indoor setting, they can produce up 500 grams during it's 2 month flowering period. The plant does have a distinct scent during maturation that ages over time until harvest.

Dark green with deep purple hues that some growers maximize by delaying the harvest in cold weather, they are nothing short of colorful. The thick resin and crystal production makes for a great smoke, and the smooth sweet flavor is known to be favored among many smokers.

Purple Haze marijuana clones are a great choice for patients wanting an immediate Sativa effect, such as those suffering from migraines and hypertension. The overall buzz is not heavy and can be described as euphoric.

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The Los Angeles Strainbank cultivated and flowered Purple Haze marijuana clones from seed to verify not only authenticity, but select the best genotype derivative cultivated. We've had the most success with Attitude seeds and the breeders they represent.

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The Purple Haze genetics we offer originate from Nirvana breeders. If you would to like start a garden with Purple Haze cannabis seeds, we have preserved the most potent phenotypes. The inventory is updated weekly, check back often for availability.

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