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Northwest Indica G-13 crossed with the well-known Sour Diesel produced this heavy yielding, outdoor grown strain. G-13 Diesel requires medium to heavy amount of soil, however is relatively easy to grow and maintain. With a very satisfying yield, this strain is a popular choice for many medical marijuana patients.

Although the flower is airy, the leafy nugs are covered in trichomes with minimal amount of hair. It's compact enough where mold is not a concern, and still provides decent weight. Diesel aroma is apparently in flowering and is very pronounced towards harvest. The smoke is smooth and has the expected citrus scent from its parent.

G-13 Diesel marijuana clones like many hybrids the buzz will start from top down, resulting in a very mild relaxant. This hybrid is an excellent treatment as general tension reliever, appetite stimulant or sciatic pains.

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The Las Vegas Strainbank cultivated and flowered G-13 Diesel marijuana clones from seed to verify not only authenticity, but select the best genotype derivative cultivated. We've had the most success with Attitude seeds and the breeders they represent.

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The G-13 Diesel genetics we offer originate from Reserva Privada breeders. If you would to like start a garden with G-13 Diesel cannabis seeds, we have preserved the most potent phenotypes. The inventory is updated weekly, check back often for availability.

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